Our Philosophy

     For hundreds of years, warmbloods have been prized for their intelligence, strength, endurance, and durability.  With foundations in cavalry and war training, as well as hunting, the Dutch, Holstein, Hanoverian, and Westphalian breeds evolved slowly into the international Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, and Eventers we see dominating their disciplines today.

    Though each breed has distinct strengths and predilections, breeders found that the mixing of the blood of each of these foundation warmbloods has continually produced more athletic and diverse offspring than the predecessors.  The instinct of breeders in the past has been to breed Dressage sires to Dressage mares, Jumpers to Jumpers, and so on in hopes of producing a more outstanding version of the bloodline.   In some cases, it worked, producing what is now referred to as the "Modern Sporthorse," but on the whole it seems that soundness and durability over time have dropped off.

    Athleticism, or the capability of a horse to perform top level movements with ease within their discipline, is an extremely important factor in the breeding of warmbloods.  In the same token, soundness and longevity are equally, if not more important.

​   ​Many qualities that make a good jumper also makes for a good dressage partner; infusing jump blood into dressage prospects and dressage worthy gaits into jumpers.

    The theory is simple in that a good engine is important for all disciplines as well as an elastic, free shoulder and powerful “connected” push from behind. Jump talent is highly heritable where as producing upper level dressage gaits can be more of a challenge. Many horses are bred with an over extravagant front end movement, but then end up dragging their underactive hind end around the ring. Although many of these super flashy, difficult to ride horses seem to get the spotlight early in their careers, few seem to be able to remain sound and or rideable enough to reach the top of the sport. The loin connection needs to support the front end in order to have a conformationally “balanced” animal capable of longevity in sport.  

    Our breeding goal is to produce a horse that possesses the correct conformation to perform the discipline in which it was bred for as well as have the temperament/rideability and long term soundness needed for the upper levels of sport.

   After over 20 years of breeding for the "Holy Trinity" and that perfect blend of athleticism and longevity, we've succeeded in producing top foals in all disciplines, including but certainly not limited to:

  • ​Over 50 First Premium KWPN, Premium OLDNA, and High Scoring AHS and RPSI Foals.
  • 2015: Horse of the Year, KWPN Bred - Faberge Blue LJS
  • 2015: USDF Reserve Champion Horse of the Year, First Level - Faberge Blue LJS
  • 2015: 9th Place Dressage at Devon Colts of 2014 - Wild Waldo LJS
  • 2014: 3rd Place Dressage at Devon Oldenburg Colts of 2014 - Wild Waldo LJS
  • 2012: 3rd Highest Scoring KWPN Jumper Bred Foal in North America - Harlow LJS
  • 2013: 3rd Highest Scoring KWPN Jumper Bred Foal in North America - Ignatia LJS
  • 2012: 10th place, 4 Year Old Suitable to Become a Dressage Horse, Dressage at Devon - Meringue LJS
  • 2011: 3rd place KWPN Colt, Dressage at Devon - Hilfiger LJS
  • ​2009: 1st place,Rheinland Phalz-Saar class at Fair Hill Dressage Breed Show - LJS Shiitake
  • ​2009: 1st place Colts of 2009 Fair Hill Dressage Breed Show - Sir Real LJS
  • ​2008: 2nd place, RPSI class, Fair Hill Dressage Breeds Show - LJS Cu Roi
  • 2008: 1st place at Fairhill Dressage Breed Show, Arabian Sporthorse class - LJS Aesthetic
  • ​2008: 3rd place RPSI class at Dressage at Devon - LJS Asthetic
  • ​2007: 1st place, 2yo and Under ISR/Old NA Dressage at Devon - Fantabulous LJS
  • ​2007: 1st place, Future Event Horse USEA Series ​- LJS Achromatic
  • ​2007: 2nd place, Arabian Sporthorse Dressage at Devon ​- LJS Sublime
  • 2006: 1st Place, Hanoverian Class, Fairhill Breed Show - Copasetic LJS
  • 2006 1st place, RPSI Class, Dressage at Devon - ​LJS Deco Rouge
  • 2005: 2nd place, Arabian Sporthorse, Dressage at Devon ​- LJS Artisan
  • ​2005: 9th place, Hanoverian Class, Dressage at Devon - Stoic Win LJS
  • ​2005:1st place RPSI Class at Dressage at Devon​- LJS Casey Ray
  • 2005: 2nd place, Appaloosa Sporthorse, Dressage at Devon - Mystic Wap LJS

Breeding for athleticism, soundness, rideability, and longevity