1996 16.2 Chesnut Hanoverian Stallion

Davignon I (Donnerhall) x Caprimond (Karon)

Approved AHS, VHW, ISR/Old, OHBS/GOV, Westphalen

Contact: Bridlewood Farm

Special D​

1999 17h Black KWPN Stallion

Metall (Ferro) - Zandingo (Amor)

Approved  KWPN

Contact: Breezy Hill South


​1994 16.2h Oldenburg Stallion

Rubinstein - Donnerhall - Pik Solo

Approved Hannover, AHS, Oldenburg Verband, SWANA, RPSI, Hessen, ISR/Oldenburg N.A. and Canadian Warmblood(CWHBA)

Contact: Eurequine 

Royal Appearance

​ 1995 Grey Holsteiner Stallion

Riverman - Lord Calando - Othello

Approved ISR/OLD NA

Contact: Virginia Tech


​1990 16.2h Grey Holsteiner Stallion

Redfort - Landego - Calypso II


Contact: Hilltop Farm Inc

Ijsselmeer Ikepono

​1990 16.2 Chesnut KWPN Stallion

Vosmaer- Formateur Keur - Polaris

Approved  KWPN

Contact: Los Lomas Dutch Warmbloods

Wild Dance

​1997 Chesnut Hanoverian Stallion

Wolkenstein II - Matcho x - Goldstein

Approved  Hannover, AHS, Oldenburg/ISR, GOV, Rhineland, Hessen, Westfalen, Sachsen Anhalt, CWHBA and SWANA for Swedish mares

Contact: Rainbow Equus

 ES Toronto

​2000 Bay  16.3h KWPN Stallion

Now or Never M - Belisar - Furioso II

Approved  Hanoverian, RPSI, KWPN, and GOV

Contact: Avalon Equine

Sternlicht GGF

​ 2010 16.3 Black Hanoverian Stallion

Riverman - Lord Calando - Othello


Contact: Hilltop Farm Inc

Past & Present Sires of LJS Foals

Links for more information and/or contact the Stallion owners directly. We do not own the stallion pictures - they are the property of the stallion owners


​1999 16.1 Black Tobiano German Warmblood

Semper (Old) - V.Pr.St. Indian Dream - Ico

Approved ISR/Old, GOV, ZfDP Book I, IRC

Contact: Silverwood Farm

Escudo II

​1992 16h Black Hanoverian Stallion, deceased

Espri - Arkansas - Woermann

Approved  AHS, Hannover, ISR/OLD, GOV, CWB

Contact: Eurequine

Wellington KEUR​

​1980 16.05h Bay KWPN Stallion, deceased

Nimmerdor - Lucky Boy XX

Approved  KWPN

More Information


​2006 17.1 Chesnut Oldenburg Stallion

Innkeeper (Secretariat) - Parabol (Consul)

Approved Oldenburg NA

Contact: Ursula Ferrier

R Johnson

​1991 17h KWPN Stallion

G. Ramiro Z - Able Albert - Nimmerdor

Approved KWPN

Contact: Colourfields

VDL Laroche

1993 16.3h Black KWPN Stallion

Concorde - Voltaire - Nimmerdor 

Approved  KWPN 

Contact: Maple Crest Sporthorses